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Integrated Dust Technologies

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IDT Dust Suppression Products Controls Dust by Binding Soil Particles

Binding soil particles provides a more solid, hardwearing surface that can reduce dust particles in the air by up to 85%.

Dust suppression & dust control for various situations;
mine haul roads, stockpile dust control, development sites, agricultural yards & feed lots,
sand arenas, airstrips & high traffic areas that require dust control, dust reduction or dust suppression.

Dust Control: HIGH
Water Saving: HIGH
Cal Lign + Polymer + Wetter
Unique Product combining the Highest-Grade Calcium Lignosulphonate, Polymer and wetting agent.
Inclusion rates:
Highest (0.75%-1% typical)
Mining Haul Roads, LV roads, broadacre, re-habitation, hardstands, lay down areas, tailings dams, veneering, stock piles.
Civil Roads, Stabilisation, broadacre dust control, hardstands, lay down areas, trucking yards, veneering, stock piles.
Agriculture Saleyards, feedlots, grain handling sites, horse arenas, fertiliser, wind erosion sites, stock piles.


Dust Control: MODERATE
Water Saving: MODERATE
High quality water activated polymer,
binds to fine dust particles and retains moisture.
Inclusion rates:
Very Low (1:10,000 typical)
Mining Haul Roads, LV roads.
Civil Roads, broadacre dust control, rehabilitation.
Agriculture Wind erosion prone sites


Dust Control: HIGH
Water Saving: HIGH
High Quality polymer, which acts as a ‘Tarp’ on treated areas. Stabiliser that sheds water, prevents erosion.
Inclusion rates:
Very Low (1:10,000 typical)
Mining Haul Roads, broadacre dust control on Dumps, Stockpiles: Laydown Areas, veneering.
Civil Roads, Stabilisation of sub-base material, broadacre dust control, walkways erosion control, veneering, stock piles.
Agriculture Wind erosion prone sites, water runoff maximisation, stock piles.

More on DUST LOC

Dust Control: LOW
Water Saving: LOW
High Quality wetting agent. Breaks surface tension of roads for improved water penetration & extend effectiveness.
Inclusion rates:
Very Low (1:10,000 typical)
Mining HV+LV Roads, Permanent/Semi-Permanent Roads
Civil Add to water trucks to aid water penetration.
Agriculture Add to water trucks to aid water penetration


Control Dust Safely

Dust Suppression products that are easy to handle and satisfy all environmental requirements.

Reduce Road Maintenance up to 50%
Reduce Water Usage up to 85%
Natural and Biodegradable 100%
Australian Owned and Operated 100%

IDT is committed to delivering high quality
dust suppression products that exceed expectations.

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